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Dear Adobe Acres Families,

It has been a fabulous first week of school!  All of the children are very happy to be back and we look forward to a wonderful school year!

Many of you have been waiting for information regarding Monday's Solar Eclipse.  Our Albuquerque School District, has posted the following information for all of our families and staff about the Solar Eclipse for your convenience to read with wonderful resources, please click on link:


If a parent wishes to take their child out of school to view the eclipse and returns after the event, it will count as an excused tardy.  Any parent, with the exception of Native American families, who choose to keep their children out for the entire day, will accrue an unexcused absence. 



Safely Viewing the Solar Eclipse — Albuquerque Public Schools

We are requiring students to use solar filter glasses or pinhole cameras to view the solar eclipse on Monday, Au...




Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for being such wonderful families.


Denise V. Balderas, Principal & Rosa Swonger, Assistant Principal

Posted by: Rosa Swonger
Published: 8/20/17

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We want your input!


Adobe Acres staff and parents are invited and encouraged to participate in the principal selection process.


Staff Survey


Parent Survey - English


Parent Survey - Spanish

Posted by: Brian Beeler
Published: 6/29/17

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Families who are seeking to have their child attend an Albuquerque Public School outside of their des-ignated attendance area can apply for a transfer beginning January 1, 2017. This is a change to the norm of the past decade or more, as the start date has traditionally been February 1st. The first win-dow of opportunity will run from January 1, 2017 through January 31, 2017. Beginning January 1st individuals may apply for a transfer on-line by going to and using our interactive option. Just type “Student Transfers” in the SEARCH en-gine for links to transfer information and the student transfer application form. Upon the successful sub-mission of your form you should receive a confirma-tion number. The on-site option of submitting a stu-dent transfer still exists through the APS Student Service Center at 6400 Uptown Blvd. NE Suite 100 West, during normal business hours beginning Jan-uary 4, 2017. 

NEW THIS YEAR: Parents will need to know the APS ID number for their child if they are cur-rently an APS student or have ever attended an APS school. If a student doesn't have an APS ID number, contact the Student Service Center at 855-9050 or 855-9040. 

Transfers are not on a first-come, first-served basis, so requests submitted from January 1st through January 31st will be processed as having been re-ceived on the same day. Transfers will be granted on a space and program available basis, using a random selection process (lottery) and priority sys-tem which is in compliance with District, State and Federal requirements. 

Students who currently have an approved transfer do not need to re-apply unless they are changing schools. They will be considered a “rollover” or “renewal” transfer if they remain at that school site. “Rollover” transfers are not automatically granted as a student transitions from one school to its feeder school, however. Students changing school levels, i.e. from elementary to middle school or from middle school to high school, are required to complete a new transfer request. 

Feel free to contact the Student Service Center at 855-9050 or 855-9040 for more information regard-ing the student transfer process




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Las familias que desean que sus hijo(a)s asistan a una escuela de Albuquerque Public Schools fuera de su zona de asistencia designada pueden solicitar traslados a partir del 1 de enero de 2017. Esto implica un cambio en la norma vigente desde hace una década o más, ya que tradicionalmente la fecha ha sido el 1 de febrero. La primera oportunidad será del 1 de enero de 2017 al 31 de enero de 2017. A partir del 1 de enero estará disponible en la opción interactiva para que individuos soliciten traslados. Solo hay que escribir "Student Transfers" (traslados de estudiantes) en el BUSCADOR para acceder a los enlaces de información sobre traslados y del formulario de solicitud de traslado de estudiante. Cuando el sistema reciba su formulario le enviará un número de confirmación. Todavía se pueden hacer solicitudes de traslado acudiendo al Centro de Servicios a Estudiantes de APS, 6400 Uptown Blvd. NE Suite 100 West, durante horas hábiles, a partir del 4 de enero de 2017. NUEVO ESTE ANO: Los padres necesitarán saber el número de identificación de la APS para su hijo si es actualmente un estudiante APS o nunca han asistido a una escuela APS. Si un estudiante no tiene un número de identificación de la APS, en contacto con el centro de servicio estudiantil en 855-9050 o 855-9040. 

Los traslados no se autorizan por orden de fecha de las solicitudes. Las solicitudes recibidas desde el 1 de enero al 31 de enero se considerarán como recibidas en una misma fecha. Los traslados se autorizarán según el espacio y el programa disponibles, mediante sorteo y según un sistema de prioridades, de conformidad con los requisitos del distrito, del estado y del gobierno federal. 

Los estudiantes que al presente tienen traslados aprobados no necesitan renovarlos, a menos que vayan a cambiar de escuela. Si permanecen en la misma escuela sus traslados continuarán vigentes de un año al otro (“rollover” o “renewal” transfer en inglés). Sin embargo, no se renovarán automáticamente los traslados aprobados de los estudiantes que regresen de su escuela actual a la escuela de donde provenían. Los estudiantes que pasen de un nivel escolar a otro, p. ej., de escuela primaria a escuela intermedia, o de escuela intermedia a escuela secundaria superior tienen que solicitar un traslado nuevo. Siéntase con la libertad de comunicarse con el Centro de Servicios a Estudiantes, al 855-9050 o al 855-6040 para obtener más información sobre el proceso de 

Posted by: Rosa Swonger
Published: 1/11/17

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Posted by: Rosa Swonger
Published: 8/10/16